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Global State Cleanliness With React Context

05/23/2019 🌰🌰

State management in React can be an incredible beast of a task. With the introduction of the Context API , React has come up with a great alternative to Redux . However, there's been some discussion…

Time To Read as Emojis in Gatsby

05/08/2019 🌮🌮

This one is a short but fun one. In this article I'm going to show you how I represent TTR (Time To Read) in emojis on my personal blog. This article is going to be going off the assumption that you…

Creating a DataView Helper Component

05/03/2019 🌭

I love dumb small, dumb components that do one thing and do it very well. What Classifies Something As A "Dumb" Component? A dumb component typically does something very simple. You can create…

The First of (Hopefully) Many

05/02/2019 ☕☕☕☕☕☕☕

I've wanted to make my own blog for quite some time now. I've made every excuse not to, and I've scrapped and restarted at least 10 times. Now is the time where I'm finally comfortable enough to…